November 4-11, 2023 

The Bahamas (just east of Florida in the United States)  comprises of a large area of protected waters and is known to have some of the best visibility on earth with an abundance of sharks and dolphins. Besides sharks, keep an eye out for several species of dolphins and whales as well as the endangered Nassau grouper, considered the national fish of the Bahamas, which can reach over a meter in length.


November 4-11, 2023 


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Note: All costs are in USD (American Dollars) for this trip. 

Spotted wild dolphins ready to greet snorkelers in the Bahamas. 

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How to Secure Your Spot:

We will be in touch via e-mail to provide individual invoices and payment details. We would recommend purchasing your flights into West Palm Beach, FL as soon as possible to secure reasonably priced flights. 

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Note: divers must have advanced certification or have completed at least 30 dives for the shark dives. 

Itinerary Summary

Day One:

Arrive at airport and be transferred to the vessel which will be your home for the next 7 nights. The M/V Dolphin Dream, (your home for the week) is located at the Riviera City Beach Marina. You must be on board the ship between 3-6pm on Nov 4, 2023.

Day Two to Seven: 

Breakfast provided before we hit the water each day. Arrive in the Bahamas, clear customs around 9am. Arrive at first dive site around 1pm. First dive is a check-out dive and second dive is with the sharks.

We will be searching out at sea for the dolphins and sharks. This 7 night liveaboard adventure allows between 20-24 dives including several night dives (depending on conditions). In some areas, the diving is comparatively shallow and ‘open platform’ diving may be offered after the scheduled shark dives to allow guests to dive at their leisure up until sunset.

The diving day aboard the Dolphin Dream vessel has a typical schedule as follows:

Day seven we depart the Bahamas at 5pm to head back to the West Palm Beach. 

Day Eight:

An early morning breakfast before disembarking the boat. 

We arrive back in Florida, around 6am. We have a US customs appointment at 8am. After we clear customs,  we will return to our marina at 9:30AM. If you are flying out of West Palm Beach International (PBI), you can make your return flights after 12 noon. If flying out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale, please make your return flights after 3pm. 

Vessel-The Dolphin Dream

Diving with Sharks at Tiger Beach

The small, shallow sand flat, an hour by boat from the West End of Grand Bahama Island, is the most reliable, consistent and, arguably, photographically pleasing spot to photograph these striped beauties on Earth.

Many of the tiger sharks at Tiger Beach have achieved a certain level of fame among divers. There is Hook with her tragic, yet photogenic, bent lower jaw, Emma with her old, wrinkly skin and sheer size, Princess with her generally gentle demeanour and many others.

There is really no reason to be “nervous” when diving at tiger beach. The sharks are not there to eat people, but we should have a healthy dose of respect for them – after all they are big predators – much bigger than us. There are a few rules to follow while on these dives: don’t touch them, don’t turn your back to an approaching shark and if a shark is coming up behind a fellow diver let them know, stay still and try not to stir up the sand, heavily overweight yourself and be steady on the sandy bottom (currents have been known to rage). The sharks are being fed pieces of fish that are usually white or silver in color so wear a dark wetsuit and gloves and keep your hands to yourself. Unless you really know what you are doing it’s a good idea to have something solid in your hand like a camera or PVC pipe to gently redirect a close, curious shark.

The Dolphin Dream Vessel layout.

Getting There

The boat boards at the Riviera City Marina in West Palm Beach, FL. The nearest airport is Palm Beach International (PBI), about 20 minutes from the boat. The next closest airport if Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) which is about an hour from the marina. The biggest airport is Miami (MIA), about 2 hours from the marina.  Boarding time is 3pm to 7pm on the departure day, and the boat departs for the Bahamas at 10pm. On our return, disembarkation is around 10:30am.

Tiger Beach

Tiger Beach is known as one of the best locations to dive with the tiger and lemon sharks which are encountered off the West End Grand Bahama Islands. With a white sand bottom and shallow depths (12-14m) this makes for a favourite spot for photographers and videographers. Sightings of great hammerhead and nurse sharks are common, with the occasional bull shark making an appearance.

Bimini for Dolphins and Hammerheads

This area is renowned for pods of wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins, with the opportunity to swim or snorkel with these amazing creatures. Snorkeling with the dolphins is possible if they decide to stay around, it is a beautiful experience that you won’t forget.

About the Bahamas

Group Organizers

Kim Randall and Amanda Delaforce.  Both with a wealth of travel and underwater experience. Kim is located in the US and Amanda is located in Australia. They met on a trip in the Maldives and have been passionate about diving, marine encounters and photography ever since. This is a new trip and they look forward to sharing this unforgettable experience with you.

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