Raja Ampat 

August 21-28, 2024

Raja Ampat, Indonesia is right in the heart of the Coral Triangle and has over 1,500 islands. Many scientists believe Raja Ampat has the most coral and fish diversity in the world! According to Conservation International marine surveys suggest that the marine life diversity in the Raja Ampat area is the highest recorded on earth. The Raja Ampat area is known for mantas, black tip reef sharks, muck diving (blue ring octopus, bobtail squid, pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, pipefish, etc).

Raja Ampat means ‘Four Kings’. In an archipelago of over 1,500 small islands there are four main islands or ‘kings’– Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, Misool. While the area looks quite small on the map, it's indeed quite a large area with a huge variety and options for diving.

Trip Details: 

We had THE BEST TIME on the Coralia in 2023, we're doing it again in 2024! 

Hop on board the beautiful Coralia liveaboard. The Coralia is a classic Phinisi. It was built in Bira, Sulawesi by the Konjo tribe, who have been building cargo ships for centuries. Blending ancient techniques and wisdom with modern design and safety features, Coralia is one of the few Phinisi equipped with two engines. 

Coralia’s name comes from the word ‘coral‘ and the Latin ending of ‘-ia’, so ‘Coral-ia‘ means ‘Nation of Corals’. 

The Coralia has won the Dive Travel Awards "Best Liveaboard" in 2019 and 2021. (We now know WHY she & the crew won best liveaboard, because they ARE THE BEST)! 

We are venturing into Raja Ampat during what some would consider off season. Raja offers great diving all year round in certain areas. Oftentimes August has the best vis!

Our itinerary will take us to dive sites in the Batanta area and Dampier Strait. If the weather allows we will try to head north towards Aljui Bay and Wayag, however we cannot guarantee we'll be able to. To read more about our itinerary, click here. 

Tentative Itinerary: 

Day 1: Arrival into Sorong, board the Coralia, settle into cabins, unpack dive gear/camera gear, boat briefing and dive briefing. Relax and enjoy the views as we head towards Dampier Strait. 

Day 2: Diving begins! Today we'll start off with an easy check out dive first thing in the morning. Return after diving for big breakfast. Mid- morning head out for dive 2, lunch, followed by an afternoon dive, and depending on our transit schedule a possible night dive. 

Day 3-7 Diving continues as we head to the areas of Batanata, Dayang, and Gam. We will also visit the famous viewpoint, Penemu when we head towards Gam from Dayang. Our last day of diving will offer 2 dives in the morning (pending flight schedules) and then begin our transit back to Sorong.

Day 8: We'll say our "Good Byes" and disembark the Coralia for the Sorong Airport. You'll be ready to book your next trip on Coralia after an amazing trip! 


August 21-28, 2024


7 nights/8 days

Package Cost:

Upper Deck Master Suites: (double occupancy)

$4895.00 USD per person 

Main Deck Master Suites: (double occupancy)

$4695.00 USD per person 

Lower Deck Double & Twin: (double occupancy)

$4195.00 USD per person 

Lower Deck Twin (2 Twin beds): (double occupancy)

$3995.00 USD per person 

Master Cabins on Coralia

Lower Deck Double & Twin Cabin


Price Includes:

Getting to Raja Ampat:

To/From North America:

Travel to Indonesia is typically flown via Tokyo or Hong Kong or other Asian gateway cities (depending on the airline) and connecting onward to Jakarta (CGK). Sometimes you'll find routings from the east coast through the Middle East (Doha/Abu Dhabi, etc)

Arrival into Jakarta by August 20, 2024 (late afternoon at the latest).

It is recommended to arrive in Jakarta a day prior to your flight to Sorong. The Anara airport hotel is recommended if arriving a day or two early into Jakarta. 

To/From Australia: 

Travel to Indonesia is typically flown nonstop (from SYD) or with connecting flights via Singapore or Malaysia and connecting onward to Jakarta (CGK).

Arrival into Jakarta by August 20, 2024 (late afternoon at the latest)

It is recommended to arrive in Jakarta a day prior to your flight to Sorong. The Anara airport hotel is recommended if arriving a day or two early into Jakarta. 

Flights to Sorong:

Connect onward to Sorong (SOQ). Most of the flights to Sorong are typically red-eyes from Jakarta. To avoid an overnight stay in Sorong the current suggested flights are: 

You will be met by Coralia staff who will bring you directly to the boat. If you'd like to arrive in Sorong a day before, you are more than welcome to and the suggested hotel is the Aston Sorong Hotel. The Coralia staff will pick you up from the hotel and bring you to the boat on August 21, 2024.

Departure on August 28, 2024 can be at anytime. The Coralia staff will bring you back to the airport for your departing flight. If you are continuing onto another resort or elsewhere in Raja Ampat, just let us know so we can coordinate with the Coralia team. 

Flights on Garuda still offer 23kg extra per person for dive gear. Be ready to show Scuba certification cards at check in and that your extra baggage is made up of dive equipment. 

Please keep in mind, flying on early morning flights departing from Sorong will restrict the number of dives you will be able to do on the last full day on board. Generally there will be two morning dives on the last day commencing around 12pm. 

More About Raja Ampat:

How to Secure Your Spot:

Please note that this trip has limited spots, so you will need to get in quick to secure your booking. The following payments will be required:

We will be in touch via e-mail for your payment and provide individual invoices. We would recommend purchasing your flights into Jakarta as soon as possible to secure reasonably priced flights. 

To book and check for available spaces email: info@designedforscuba.com

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The requirements for entering Indonesia for international travelers (foreign citizen) are as follows: 

(as of June 2023)