December 7-15, 2025

Join us on an adventure to Socorro (Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico). Socorro island, located approximately 240 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is a world renowned diving destination in the pacific. The area is known for the “friendliest mantas”, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, and up to ten species of sharks and loads of fish. The area is very remote with a Mexican Navy base and was first explored for diving in the late 70’s, and continues to be a super popular spot for diving and marine interactions. 

Trip Details

Our adventure begins in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Feel free to arrive a few days early and enjoy relaxing in Cabo or the surrounding areas! 

Dec 7, 2025: We'll meet at SeaCreatures in downtown Cabo in the late afternoon (exact time TBC) for check-in. Between 7-8pm the Nautilus Belle Amie crew will bring us and our gear to the boat for boarding. We'll settle into our cabins and begin our overnight cruise to Socorro. *Possible Backscatter photo and video workshop in the afternoon (TBC).

Dec 8, 2025: Relaxing day at sea as we continue traveling to the Revillagigedo Islands, with our first planned stop at San Benedicto Island by evening. During the day we’ll participate in safety briefings, unpack and set up dive gear, learn more about giant mantas, and enjoy cocktail hour and sunsets as we cruise. 

Dec 9-13, 2025: Diving begins and continues for 5 days. Our focus will be on diving with the world’s “friendliest mantas'', bottlenose dolphins, up to ten species of sharks, and loads of fish. December is one of the best chances for whale shark encounters too. We’ll start off our diving at San Benedicto Island and make our way around the Revillagigedo Archipelago diving at favorite sites such as El Canyon, the Boiler, Red Rocks, Roca Partida, Cabo Pearse, Punta Tosca, and Roca O'neal. The plan is to average 4 dives a day, however the day we check-in at the local navy base will likely be 3 dives. 

Dec 14, 2025: We’ll begin our early morning voyage back to Cabo San Lucas with another relaxing day at sea. 

Dec 15, 2025: Arrival back into Cabo San Lucas is estimated at 8:30am. We’ll say our goodbyes and disembark the Nautilus Belle Amie. Please do not schedule departing flights before 1pm to allow enough time to get to the airport and check-in, etc. 

Additional Pre-Trip Info

Dates:  December 7-15, 2025

Duration: 8 nights/9 days 

Yacht: Nautilus Belle Amie

Package Cost: All Costs are in USD 

Wheelhouse Deck (Upper Deck):  

$4299.00 per person, double occupancy

Main Deck (Premium Suites): 1 room available

$4899.00 per person, double occupancy

Lower Deck (Staterooms):

Room A- Single/Solo Traveler Room: $4750.00 (1 person)- SOLD OUT

Rooms C, D, E, F, G, H: $3799.00 per person, double occupancy

Room T- Triple Stateroom: $3399 per person, double occupancy

(*Only 2 people will be booked in the triple stateroom)

Price includes: 5% tax.



Getting There

Arrival Airport:  Los Cabos International Airport (SJD airport code) 

From North America: 

Many airlines within North America fly into Los Cabos, Mexico. The airport code is SJD. Please plan to arrive no later than early afternoon on December 7, 2025. 

From Australia:

For most, the first international port of entry will be the United States. The closest US airports are (Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)  or San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Everyone flying to the US must clear immigration and customs even if you are continuing onward to Mexico. There is currently no option to stay in transit in the US. If you have a connecting flight, you’ll drop your luggage at baggage re-check or at the ticket counters and head back through security to your connecting flight to Cabo San Lucas (SJD) airport. You might consider a layover in California prior to continuing down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Please plan to arrive no later than early afternoon of December 7, 2025. 

From Europe: 

For most, traveling via the US and onward Mexico will be the most efficient way to get to Cabo San Lucas. Alternatively flights to Mexico City (MEX) and onward to Cabo San Lucas, (SJD). 

About the Diving

The Nautilus Belle Amie caters to all levels of divers, however we recommend having your Advanced Open Water certification prior to joining the trip and at least 50 dives. Diving on the Belle Amie is described as “the diving butler” and you get to choose which category works for you. The first category are the “self reliant” and highly experienced divers, who will be generally be taken quickly to the dive sites first. The Nautilus Belle Amie crew love buddying up with new divers looking for the reassurance of being with a dive guide from the time they start gearing up until they are back on the big boat. Most divers are somewhere mid-spectrum between these two groups and we make sure they are very well looked after as well! 

Diving is usually done from the yacht's skiffs. They use multiple skiffs as “taxis” so that we can pick up divers when they surface and whisk them back to the big boat instead of waiting in the hot sun for everyone else to surface.

December is one of the warmest months for diving in Socorro. Water temperatures can get up to 82f/28c. We recommend at minimum a 3mm wetsuit, but bring what keeps you warm and toasty in 80-82f/27-28c temperatures.

Note that several dives may be quite challenging and not suitable for divers of lower experience levels. Note that weather conditions, Mother Ocean or crowding by some of our competitors may limit some diving. 

How to Secure Your Spot

Please note that this trip has limited spots, so you will need to get in quick to secure your booking. The following payments will be required:

In 2023/2024:

In 2025:

We will be in touch via e-mail for your payment and provide individual invoices. We would recommend purchasing your flights into Los Cabos, Mexico (SJD) as soon as possible to secure reasonably priced flights. 

To book and check for available spaces email:

About the Belle Amie

Terms and Conditions

Entry Requirements for Mexico

Most travelers to Mexico can enter the country under the following conitions: 

1. A valid passport with more than six months of validity (Mexican authorities require a passport to be valid for the duration of the stay in Mexico, but transit countries and airline companies may have other requirements).

2. A properly completed Multiple Migratory Form (FMM). The FMM can be obtained from the airline or at the port of entry, but to expedite your registration at the border, you can now fill out and print it in advance in this link.

3. The Immigration Authorities at the port of entry may request certain documents to prove the purpose of your visit depending on the activity you will undertake in Mexico: